Los Angeles Home Security System

The Rising Crime Rate in Los Angeles

Crime rates in Los Angeles are currently on the rise. The annual crimes committed in Los Angeles, California, within the past year include 20,318 violent crimes and 88,443 property crimes. Los Angeles' violent crime rate is 5.32 per 1,000 residents. The national average is 3.9, which means violent crime rates in Los Angeles are higher than in many other cities across the nation. Furthermore, the chance of becoming a property crime victim is 1 in 43 in the Los Angeles area. Crimes committed per square mile in Los Angeles are 216, with the national average being 39.6.

Due to the high property and violent crime rates currently noted in Los Angeles, acquiring a security system to protect your home is a wise investment. With a high-quality security system in place means your home is protected and no longer vulnerable to the local crimes often seen within the city limits. After all, many criminals are deterred simply by the presence of a security system.

In addition to the protection given to residential property owners when a security system is installed, commercial properties can also be protected using additional devices such as camera systems. Commercial property is susceptible to thefts and property damage, perhaps even more so than residential properties. This is especially true in crime-ridden Los Angeles. Therefore, acquiring a high-end security system to protect your commercial property is a wise investment for your businesses future. After all, theft or property damage can result in the loss of thousands of dollars, which sometimes leads to the end of a business.

In addition to the added sense of well being, a security system offers to both residential and commercial property owners, it also benefits them financially as most insurance companies offer discounts for owners who have a security system installed on their property. The presence of a security system correlates with a reduction in the number of property crimes thus encouraging lower insurance costs.

Due to the increase in crime rates in the Los Angeles area, there has never been a better time for both residential and commercial property owners to invest in a high-end security system. The benefits and sense of peace offered by the systems far outweigh the initial set-up costs.